Dog Door Installation 2023

If you’ve decided to make your life easier with a pet door, you may be concerned about your next steps, such as the cost and effort of installation. Luckily, Patio Link makes this process as simple as possible.

With Patio Link, you can have a pet door that doesn’t cause any damage to your home, is fully lockable, and can be removed at any point. They can be taken with you anywhere you go, and installed in just minutes!

Are my doors compatible with Patio Link pet door inserts?

Patio Link cat and dog doors are for glass sliding doors rather than timber and security doors. No matter the size, style, or colour, Patio Link are the leading manufacturers of custom pet doors, creating inserts that suit any home.

Before buying the best insert for your home, it’s important that you measure your doors thoroughly. This can be done by holding measuring tape along the vertical channels as well as the bottom channel of your glass sliding door.

However, if there is any uncertainty at all, Patio Link is happy to help! You can send photos of these channels to, and the expert team will confirm their compatibility and sizing.

How do I install my pet door insert?

The standard installation of these inserts can be done in just seconds. There’s no need to cut doors in glass, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1 – With the glass panels of your sliding door open, simply pop the bottom of the insert into the bottom channel of the door.
  • Step 2 – Locate the two black knobs that control the adjustable panel at the top of the insert. Turn these clockwise to lock the top of your insert into position.
  • Step 3 – To stop drafts from coming in, insert the included mohair weather strip along the side of your insert where your glass sliding door will rest.

How do I ensure my doors stay secure?

With all Patio Link pet door purchases, you will receive a FREE locking bracket. To install this, you will need a hand drill and screw driver. But rest assured, the task is very straight forward and no damage will be done to your door.

This bracket goes on your insert’s vertical frame, lined up with the handle lock. After moving your current female latch to the locking bracket and locking the glass sliding door, you only need to replace screws in the existing holes to make sure the pet door insert cannot be pushed out.

There is also the option of an adapter to lock both the safety glass and security screen together. This allows for a breeze and bug protection, while keeping your house secure.

What if I need help with pet door installation?

If you’re new to DIY installation of this type, don’t worry. There are detailed video tutorials available at, explaining each part of the process.

But even with this help, there are many reasons why people may not be able to manage a dog or cat door installation themselves. Sometimes, the people who cannot DIY are the people who benefit from pet doors the most, so with this in mind, Patio Link want to help. They have handyman contacts all over the country, who can handle supply and installation of your pet door insert.

These fully qualified tradesmen operate in all Australian metropolitan and suburban areas, providing professional installation of dog cat doors. Patio Link will supply you with details to contact your local team of fully qualified installers. (Please note some areas may incur a travel cost.)

Simple and affordable, with plenty of options

If you have double sliding doors, larger than average doors, or would like to install your insert into the inner corner of your doors, Patio Link has plenty of options to suit you. You can even purchase wheels for your insert so that it slides along with the rest of your door, or purchase compatible microchip doors.

No matter what your needs may be, Patio Link operate all throughout Australian metropolitan and suburban areas, improving the lives of thousands of pets and owners. You can get in touch on [yews-location-phone-link], or via to get answers from the friendly team. Get your FREE QUOTE today at!

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Our pet door inserts are DIY Installation, however if you need help with installation we do have handyman contact.

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