Dog Doors for Pet Lovers

For many of us, our pet is a beloved family member for whom we’d spare no expense! But unfortunately, a lot of companies take advantage of this by charging far too much for the things we need to buy in order to give our furry friends the best lives possible.

For instance, we may want to give our pets the freedom of coming and going from the house whenever they like, only to realise that pet doors can cost an arm and a leg to install.

But what if there was an option that’s both affordable and long-lasting, even if you need to move house? This is where Patio Link come in, with their innovative, secure, and easy to install pet door inserts.

Should I get a pet door insert?

Patio Link’s pet door inserts are separate, fully lockable panels that can be inserted beside your sliding glass door, which feature their own doggy door.

The benefits of pet doors are numerous, and if you can’t permanently modify your doors, these inserts are the way to go. Give your inside dog the chance to relieve themselves whenever they need to, or give your outside dog the chance to escape from the weather. And as a bonus, give yourself a break from getting up and down at all hours of the night and day!

If you need to spend a lot of time away from home, you shouldn’t have to worry about messes on the carpet. A pet door insert is a one-off investment that’s guaranteed to last over ten years!

What if I’m renting?

Many renters worry that putting pet doors in glass sliding doors will lower the value of their home or upset their landlords. It may seem like a difficult process of replacing the glass or fitting pet doors into glass permanently, but thanks to Patio Link’s innovations, nothing like this is necessary.

Installing one of Patio Link’s pet door inserts into the doorframe of your sliding glass door requires no permanent modification. If the simple installation instructions are followed, it will cause no damage, and can easily be removed.

This means that wherever you choose to rent next, you can simply take your pet door insert along with you! With one purchase, pet owners have a guaranteed doggie door in every home they move to.

Who are Patio Link?

Patio Link have been the leading manufacturers of custom pet door inserts for over 20 years!

Their business begun in 2000, when Croatian immigrant and father, Ivan, needed a pet door for their dog, Billie, only to discover that there were no options which didn’t involve permanent modification of the home.

After 10 years, Ivan’s daughter Ivana took over and the business is still in the family. Patio Link is still committed to providing simple, affordable ways to give your furry family members the freedom they deserve.

With caring, friendly customer service, 100% money back guarantees, and high quality Australian-made products, Patio Link provide the perfect solution for pet owners all over the country.

Which size insert should I buy?

Patio Link manufacture a range of pet door inserts to fit different door sizes as well as dog sizes.

Whether you have custom glass sliding doors or believe your doors to be a standard height, it is always important to measure your door before purchasing. This can be done by opening your sliding doors and using a measuring tape along the top inside channel, down to the bottom inside channel. Each insert has an adjustable 10cm panel, so there is a small margin for error.

If you are at all unsure, you can always just email some photos of your door, including the bottom track to Patio Link’s knowledgeable staff will be able to advise you from there.

As for the size of your pet, the sizing options are very easy to follow, with examples of well-known dog breeds to help you choose!

How do I install my new dog door?

Because Patio Link’s pet door inserts are designed to be as simple as possible to install, pet owners can DIY with minimal tools in just minutes! Even if you’re no handy man, there are plenty of instructions and video tutorials at to help.

However, there are many reasons why a pet owner may not be able to follow these DIY instructions, such as mobility issues.

For this reason, Patio Link provide contact details for handy men all over the country. These are trusted workers who can take care of all installation pet doors require, and will ensure your door work and lock as normal before they finish up.

Can I buy a door for my cat?

It’s not just dogs that might need more accessibility in your house. Cats are known for their indecisiveness, and whether they want to come in, or out, or in again, Patio Link also make a cat door for our feline friends.

While the smaller size flaps are appropriate for cats and small dogs, your cat might be less tempted to use it at this level. This is why Patio Link make special cat door inserts for windows, which function much in the same way, and are just as secure.

Are removable inserts secure?

Contrary to the concerns of some landlords, Patio Link’s pet door inserts do not present any security issues. Security screens can be locked as per normal, and the insert itself comes with a FREE locking bracket which ensures the safety of your home is not compromised.

Even the door flaps can be locked in order to provide extra peace of mind, or to keep your pets in or out when needed.

This secure locking is one of the features that sets Patio Link’s pet door inserts apart from competitors. Along with the ease of installation, affordability, and custom options, pet lovers can’t go wrong when they shop with Patio Link. Shop online or in selected pet stores, or get in touch on 1300 489 424 with any inquiries!

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