You need to measure your sliding door height from inside bottom channel/track of your glass sliding door all the way to the top inside channel.

Our Standard Pet Door Inserts fit between 2.0 – 2.1m tall.

If your sliding door is taller than 2.1m, please see our page: custom height pet door inserts.

Please dont forget to measure the door frame width also. Our side channel of pet door insert is 2cm wide, so if your channel is less then 2cm wide, please email us some photos to see if there is a solution for your Sliding door.

Yes they do. Our Patio Pet Door inserts are the only pet door inserts in a market offering full security and locking. You can choose to have an Adaptor or a Locking bracket installed. Both of these features allow you to lock securely your sliding doors giving you MAX Security.
Yes we do. We specialise with powder coating custom colours as an optional service. Please make sure you provide us with a name of your colour bond. PRICE for custom colour is from $200*

Custom colour production can take 7-10 days approx. Please contact us or 1300 489 424 for pricing and more info.

Yes they can. There is a few different options we can recommend in regards to fitting Patio Link Pet Door Insert in your Double Sliding Doors including installing WHEELS at the bottom of pet door insert.

Please go to our “Installations” page for more info.

Remember to measure the height of your sliding door and also the width of door frame (should be just under 4cm wide).

Yes it is. We are open to public Mondays – Fridays 8am-4pm and Saturdays 9am-12pm and by appointment only. Our factory is located 7/15 John Duncan Court Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

Depending where you are, we send all our orders by door to door Courier and we use Hunter Express Australia wide.

Delivery to Brisbane is 2-3 days, Melbourne 5-6 days and Sydney 4-5 days, Perth 10days. If you like more info on delivery please email us

Adaptors do require tools for installation. The height of the adaptor needs to cut so it fits into your sliding door channel. Then secure the adaptor into the pet door insert with 3 screws and also fix the pet door insert into your sliding door by placing just one screw, either through existing hole where female locking was.

Transfer both glass and screen door female locks onto adaptor so you can then lock both of your doors onto adaptor.

Full Instructions are provided with adaptor purchase. WATCH OUR ADAPTOR INSTALLATION VIDEO CLICK HERE

Yes we do. Please measure the height of your sliding window from inside bottom channel all the way to top inside channel and let us know how tall your window is. We can accomodate window height up to 1.6m, so if your window is taller than 1.2m please make a note on checkout so we know to send you a taller cat window panel.

If you happen to miss writing your note, please send us an email once you have checked out with your purchase.