Guide to Pet Door Inserts For Sliding Doors

If you rent, or don’t wish to permanently alter your glass sliding door or window, it may seem like doggie doors are out of the question. Home owners worry that the addition of cat windows or patio pet doors will present security risks and lower property value. However, what many don’t realise is there are modern, convenient solutions that offer both security and style!

Patio Link is the number 1 manufacturer of custom pet door inserts in Australia. For over 20 years, Patio Link have delivered premium quality products in custom colours, heights, and sizes, all over the country.

With inserts that are fully lockable, non-damaging, and can be removed and reinstalled with ease, these inserts are the modern pet owner’s best friend!

The benefits of installing a pet door

The benefits of a pet door insert for your glass doors or windows are numerous. Whether it’s a patio panel for your dog or a window panel for your cat, every pet owner with a busy lifestyle can tell you how much more convenient they are.

Because when our pets have independent access to the home and garden, it’s one less thing for us to worry about!

Working long hours or spending a lot of time away from home will often make a good pet owner anxious. The thought of our poor pets needing to do their business while we’re gone can be distracting, not to mention the inevitable mess on our floors! A dog door provides the freedom for pets to come and go as necessary. They are not only convenient for full time workers, but also for those of us with limited mobility.

Another consideration is the health and safety of our pets. If you have an out- doors cat, for example, it can be a weight off your mind to know that they have somewhere safe to retreat to if they need it. And the same can be said for dogs who primarily live in the garden. A pet door insert leading to the laundry ensures they have shelter from the elements, without full access to the house.

But there may also be times when it’s more convenient to keep our pets in or out. This is why Patio Link provides a free lockable flap cover as well. This door slides over the flap and locks it in place, giving you maximum control with minimum effort!

How are pet door inserts installed?

Please note, Patio Link’s leading range of pet door inserts are for DIY installation. To aid with this, they are specifically designed to be easy to install. There is no cutting or guesswork involved, and plenty of simple tutorials to follow at

But regardless, the experienced team does recognise that many pet owners won’t have the time or ability to install a pet door insert by themselves. That’s why Patio Link are happy to provide other options for those who need them. This includes contact information for trusted handymen in all states and territories. Chosen for quick, friendly, cost-effective services, they can get the job done at your convenience.

For those who feel like they need extra guidance before purchasing, there is also the option to email measurements of your sliding door track, along with photos to If you make sure to include an image of the bottom door track, the experts at Patio Link will advise you on what method of installation pet doors will require.

If you are willing and able to DIY, installation can be done in minutes with minimal tools!

Can inserts be customised to fit my door?

With 2 decades of experience in customising pet door inserts, there’s no doubt that Patio Link pet doors fit any door. The range of standard sizes are simple to choose from, with flap height categorised by well-known dog breeds from Whippet to Great Dane. They also come in a door height that’s standard for many modern homes.

However, for doors larger than 2.10 m, you can always request a custom height for anything up to 3 m tall! If you’re concerned that your door is an awkward height, or worry about getting your measurements exact before purchase, rest assured. Patio Link’s pet door inserts are height adjustable, with a panel at the top that goes up and down by 10cm to get that perfect fit.

For coloured doors, there’s the option of custom pet door colours! Standard powder coating comes in black, white, primrose and grey, but if you’d like something different, all you need to do is provide the name of your colour bond for this optional extra service.

Will my home’s security be affected?

Although some home owners insist that installing a dog flap will create a security hazard, modern pet door inserts have come a long way. Patio Link provide 3 different options for a locking mechanism, along with a FREE locking bracket with every purchase.

This means that your pets are free to come and go while your home stays secure!

With the standard locking bracket, all you need to do is transfer the existing female lock to the bracket. Or, for added security, as well as the option to lock screen doors simultaneously, an adaptor can be placed alongside the insert. These options can be made even more convenient when wheels are installed on the bottom of your insert. These will allow it to slide easily as your door opens.

Finally, if you would prefer your pet door insert to be a little more out of the way, a corner installation can be just as secure. This will involve unscrewing your fixed glass door and repositioning it. The pet door insert will then be tucked into the outermost side of your door frame. Another benefit of this option is that you won’t need a locking bracket or adapter. With Patio Link’s lockable aluminium flap cover, you can fully lock your door and insert at any time.

None of these security options will create any damage to your home. With simple DIY or the help of a handyman, they can all be removed and reinstalled wherever you go! With quality mohair and rubber weather seals, not even the slightest draft will be able to get through to your home.

Who are Patio Link?

For door, window, and patio pet doors that tick all the boxes, Patio Link are the only company in Australia who specialise in the customisation of pet door inserts. As a family owned business, the focus of their trusted and highly-trained staff is on customer service.

So, you know that whenever you contact Patio Link for guidance, you will be given friendly, comprehensive service from honest and knowledgeable professionals.

With all products made in Australia, Patio Link deliver pet door inserts made from premium quality materials, Australia wide. Maximum security is ensured by safety tempered glass, strong aluminum frames, and unbreakable polycarbonate flaps with magnetic closure. Lockable sliding flaps and standard locking brackets are also free with every purchase.

In fact, Patio Link have so much confidence in their products that they’re happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee, as well as a full 10 year warranty! Because there’s no reason why your pet door insert from Patio Link shouldn’t last you well over a decade.

Feel free to browse through the gallery and check out photos sent in from happy customers! Shop either online or at selected pet stores all over the country. Delivery is generally within a week (with Brisbane taking 2 to 3 days, Melbourne 5 to 6 days, Sydney 4 to 5 days, and Perth 10 days), and AfterPay is also available.

For any further inquiries or a free quote, just contact Patio Link on 1300 489 424!

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