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Get Patio Link Pet Door Insert at Pet Store near you

Patio Link is proud to announce our partnership with Hire a Hubby Australia wide!

Hire A Hubby

Hire a Hubby

If you need help installing your pet door insert, Hire a Hubby are here to help!

Alternatively choose one of our friendly authorised handymen from the list below, or you can also google search any local handyman in your area:

Stephen 0426 936 943 Sub5K Handyman & Domestic Services (St George, Sutherland Shire, Sydney Metro)

Iraia 0467 796 375 Handyman service Sydney Metro, Central Coast and Newcastle (Also Offers FREE HOME DEMO Service)

Darren 0404 799 998 Handyman / Pet Doors 4 Sydney – FREE HOME DEMO Service

Iraia  0467 796 375  Handyman service Newcastle (Also offers FREE HOME DEMO SERVICE) 

Nick 0402 277 415 Handyman

Pete Handy Services Mobile: 0477 946 000, email:, Covering Hobart within 35kms of CBD. Extra call out for over 35kms.

Stace from D.I.F.Y Property Maintenance Ph: 0402 850 526, Email:

David from Daves Odd Job Workshop (Northern & Western Melbourne Only) Ph: 0409 180 716 Email:

Michael, Dog Door Guy Ph: 0407 060 211 (Also offers FREE HOME DEMO Service)

Hire a Hubby or Any local handyman in your area 

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If you have any questions, feel free to call our Patio Link Head Office on 1800 332 038or email us few photos of your doors and locks and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly. Our Email: 

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