How Pet Door Inserts Make Your Life Easier!

Do you know how pet door inserts make your life easier? Our innovative pet flaps are designed for sliding glass doors (with or without a screen door) and sliding windows. This is how pet door inserts make your life easier… They are affordable, easy to install, energy efficient and make your pet’s life easier without compromising your home security. Contact Patio Link today to ensure your pets can benefit from an innovative cat flap or doggie door.

Want to know how pet door inserts make your life easier?

1. Keep unwanted critters out.

This is the first example of how pet door inserts make your life easier. Ordinarily, pet owners have to open the door to allow their pets freedom of movement between the indoors and outdoors. Opening exterior doors unfortunately grants the same freedom of movement to rodents and other animals. As much as you want your pets to be able to move freely between the outdoors and the indoors, most people would prefer to prevent all other animals from entering their homes.

Once you have our innovative dog door installed, this is no longer a concern. Instead of keeping a window or door open, the flap will be closed until your cat or dog pushes it open. In other words, a pet door insert can help keep out all sorts of critters, from raccoons to mice. This is definitely a significant advantage (and a clear example of how pet door inserts make your life easier) for people living in areas where there are wild or feral animals.

2. Give your pet some independence.

Another example of how pet door inserts make your life easier is the freedom of movement it provides for your dog or cat. If you have an indoor pet, a pet door insert can give them the freedom to come and go as they please. No more waiting by the door for you to come home!

Importantly, installing a pet door like this means that your sliding glass door works as usual. You can lock your glass doors when you’re not at home to ensure your home is safe and secure. However, your pets – from cats and small dogs to large pets – will be able to move independently between indoors and the outdoors. This will definitely make your pets much happier when you are not at home!

3. Keep the heat (or the AC) in.

Ordinarily, as a pet owner you have to keep a window or door open to allow your pets the freedom to move between the indoors and outdoors. In the summer, this means that you lose the comfort of AC as stifling hot air flows into your home. In the winter, any warmth inside your home is lost as the icy winter drafts flow straight in. Neither you nor your pets will have a comfortable ambient temperature inside your home.

This is yet another example of how pet door inserts make your life easier. A pet door insert can help seal up your home and keep the temperature stable. No more cold drafts or hot blasts of air coming in through the cracks! Even if you have a very large breed of dog, one of our extra large pet door inserts will provide you with this innovative solution.

4. Get some fresh air.

In the summertime, a pet door insert can provide much-needed ventilation for your home. Just open up the flap and let the breeze flow through! The innovative design of our pet door inserts mean that you can keep the flap open whilst still keeping your sliding glass doors locked. It really is the best of both worlds for pets and pet owners alike.

5. Say goodbye to messes.

Are you tired of finding muddy footprints all over your home? If your pet is prone to making a mess, a pet door insert can help contain the mess to one area of your home. You can install the pet door insert on an external door, allowing you pets access to one room. By closing other internal doors, you will contain your pets’ access to your home. If needed, you can always lock the flap on our pet door inserts to control your pets’ movements when required. No more surprise puddles or piles of dirt tracked through the house!

Now that you how pet door inserts make your life easier, please contact us for further enquiries.

Patio Link has a comprehensive range of top quality pet door inserts.

We have explained how pet door inserts make your life easier. In addition, our pet door inserts are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. There are inserts that are suitable for sliding glass windows, sliding glass doors, glass panels, and even sliding glass doors with security screen doors.

Patio Link pet door inserts are incredibly easy to install. With just a few simple tools, you can easily install your own as a DIY project. We have even created instructional videos to make it just that much easier.

Of course, if you are not a DIY enthusiast, you are welcome to contact a handyman from our network who will be able to help you with a professional installation.

Contact Patio Link or browse our online store for more information.

how pet door inserts make your life easier

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