Patio Link is a reliable provider of pet door installation services in Brisbane, Australia. Our team of experts guarantees a smooth and safe installation process tailored to your needs. We value creativity and aim to engage our readers by delivering unique, compelling, and sophisticated content. Let’s dive into the details of our pet door installation services in Brisbane.

At Patio Link, we offer a unique pet door installation service that doesn’t damage your doors. We strive to think outside the box and our innovative approach enables us to provide a fully secure and lockable pet door installation for sliding doors without causing any harm.

It’s easy to install our pet door inserts, which may surprise you. The installation process only involves a few simple steps that make it effortless for you, as we’ve eliminated all the complexities.

Have you noticed how easy it is to install our pet door inserts? Well, here’s another benefit – they’re perfect for renters too! You can take the pet door insert with you when you move. This is great news for pet owners who move frequently.

Our pet door inserts are designed to blend perfectly with your sliding doors while keeping aesthetics in mind. Our team pays close attention to every detail to ensure a visually appealing and elegant installation.

Installing a pet door insert from Patio Link is a breeze. Let’s walk you through the simple steps:

Step 1: Measure and Assess Compatibility

Before diving into the installation process, it’s essential to check if your doors are compatible. Measure the width of your bottom track and the vertical side channels. Ensure that the bottom is at least 2.8cm wide and the side channels are 2cm wide. Contact us at

Step 2: Insert the Pet Door

Once you’ve confirmed compatibility, it’s time to insert the Pet Door Insert. Simply open your sliding door and insert the Pet Door Insert into the bottom channel. Lean it against the wall or sliding door frame. It’s a hassle-free process that takes just a few seconds.

Step 3: Extend and Lock the Panel

Unscrew the two black turn knobs anticlockwise to extend the adjustable panel into the top channel of your sliding door. Once extended, screw the turn knobs clockwise to lock the panel in position. This ensures a secure and stable installation.

Step 4: Weather Stripping

Included in your delivery package is a weather strip (mohair strip). Insert this into the side channel of your Pet Door Insert that will be in contact with your glass sliding door. The weather strip prevents any drafts and ensures a tight seal.

Simple and Effective

Our Locking Bracket provides an easy and effective way to secure your pet door insert:

To further reinforce the installation, put one or two screws through the existing hole(s) where the female latch used to sit, securing the pet door insert to your sliding door frame.

The Adaptor is an optional accessory that allows you to lock both the glass and security fly screen door. It provides a comprehensive security solution while ensuring proper airflow. Here’s how to install the Adaptor:

This allows fresh air to come inside while keeping unwanted bugs out, providing the perfect balance between convenience and security

For some sliding door configurations, the U Channel Adaptor may be required to achieve a secure fit. This additional accessory ensures a seamless and stable installation, giving you peace of mind.

Pet Door Installation involves fitting a specialized door insert or panel into an existing door or wall, allowing pets to enter or exit the house independently.

Why should I consider installing a pet door?

Installing a pet door provides convenience for both you and your furry friend, as it allows them to access the outdoors whenever they need to go out or come back in.

Can I install the Pet Door Insert myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Our Pet Door Inserts are designed for easy DIY installation. With our detailed instructions and video tutorials, most customers find the installation process straightforward. However, if you prefer professional assistance, we can recommend trusted local installers in Brisbane to ensure a perfect fit.

Can I remove the Pet Door Insert if I move to a new house?

Yes! Our Pet Door Inserts are perfect for renters and those who frequently move. They can be easily removed from your sliding doors without causing any damage. Simply uninstall the insert and take it with you to your new location. You can then reinstall it in your new home, providing your pets with the same convenience and freedom.

Will the Pet Door Insert match the aesthetics of my sliding doors?

Absolutely! At Patio Link, we pay close attention to design details. Our Pet Door Inserts are made to complement the appearance of your sliding doors, ensuring a seamless blend. We understand the significance of maintaining an aesthetically pleasing home and our aim is to provide a functional solution for your pets without compromising on style.

[How can I ensure the security of my sliding doors after installing a Pet Door Insert?

We offer two options to enhance the security of your Pet Door Insert. The Locking Bracket provides a simple and effective way to secure the insert. It allows you to relocate your current female latch onto the locking bracket, ensuring a secure lock for your glass sliding door. Alternatively, you can choose the Adaptor, which provides a comprehensive security solution by allowing you to lock both the glass and security fly screen door.

What if my sliding door configuration requires additional support for a secure fit?

For certain sliding door configurations, the U Channel Adaptor may be required. This additional accessory ensures a seamless and stable installation, providing extra support and peace of mind. Our team can assist you in determining if the U Channel Adaptor is necessary for your specific sliding door setup.

Ready to install a pet door insert in your Brisbane home? Patio Link is here to help. Contact us and get a free quote, by phone at [yews-location-phone-link], or email at

Choose Patio Link for innovative, secure, and hassle-free pet door installation in Brisbane. Experience the novelty and convenience of a pet door without compromising the integrity of your sliding doors. Trust us to deliver exceptional results that will keep both you and your furry friends happy.

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