Do you have a portable air conditioner?

Pet Door for Portable Air Con

Patio Link pet doors can manufacture a pet door insert custom made for your air conditioning hose to exit.

Keep your home nice and cool in summer.

For more information, please email us a photo of your air con. Hose with a measuring tape across (width and height).

Also include a photo of your glass sliding door both locks (handle and female latch) and a photo of your bottom track too, so we can check and confirm that your doors are all ok for installation and locking.

Our email is 

Portable Petdoor Aircon 1

How tall are your sliding glass doors?

You will need to measure your sliding door height from top inside channel all the way to the bottom inside channel, as close as possible. If your doors are between 2.0-2.1m tall, it means they are standard height sliding doors.

If your doors are over 2.1m, you will need a custom height pet door, see this video

Here is a video to show you how to measure your height

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