Pet Doors and Inserts Adelaide

Patio Link are the leading supplier of pet doors and inserts Adelaide. Our innovative products can be installed into glass sliding doors or security screen doors. This means that your pets can enjoy the freedom of a dog door without you having to leave your door unlocked. You can now have a pet door installed that won’t compromise your safety and security. If you are interested in having an innovative glass pet door supplied and installed, please contact our customer service team.

Our innovative pet doors and inserts Adelaide can be installed in a sliding glass door!

Many Australian homes have sliding glass doors to allow lots of light to enter homes, and to create a seamless transition between indoors and the outdoors. However, the problem comes in when you have pets such as dogs and cats. At night or when you are away, you need to close your doors for security purposes. But that restricts your pets’ freedom of movement.

Patio Link pet doors and inserts Adelaide consist of a pet flap and glass panel set in a metal frame. This is easily inserted into your glass sliding doors, security screen doors, or even glass sliding windows. No damage is caused to the doors or windows. If you sell your home or come to the end of your lease agreement, you can simply uninstall the pet flap and take it with you.

For innovative and top quality pet doors and inserts Adelaide, contact Patio Link – Australia’s trusted experts.

pet doors and inserts Adelaide

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Want us to check if your sliding doors & locks are compatible for installation?

Simply email few photos of your sliding doors including both locks and one of your bottom track of your glass sliding door and our customer service will check and confirm if your sliding doors are ok and compatible for installation and locking: Email:

Our pet door inserts are DIY Installation, however if you need help with installation we do have handyman contact.

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