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Patio Link are leading manufacturers of pet doors and inserts Sydney. Our innovative design allows pet lovers to provide their beloved cats and dogs with freedom of movement without compromising the safety and security of their homes. Contact our customer service team if you have any queries about our range of quality products. For quality pet doors and inserts Sydney, you can’t beat the Patio Door range of robust products!

Trust the leading manufacturer of pet doors and inserts Sydney for a truly innovative product!

Unlike a traditional flap door that requires your door to be cut, our doggy doors and cat doors are designed for glass sliding doors and sliding windows. Incredibly, you are able to have a pet door in glass without needing to pay a qualified glazier to cut a glass panel. Installing the door is quick and easy, and you can take the pet door insert with you when you move!

This pet door installation is so easy, you can do it yourself!

Patio Link is the answer for those pet owners looking for easy DIY pet doors and inserts Sydney. Whether you need a dog door installation in a glass sliding door or a cat door installation in a sliding window, you can easily install our products yourself. All you need to do is click here for written instructions as well as easy-to-follow instructional videos.

The standard installation of our pet doors and inserts Sydney takes a few seconds and only requires a screwdriver. Your sliding glass doors or sliding windows aren’t damaged in the process. And it’s easy to remove when you sell your home or your rental lease comes to an end.

Patio Link pet doors and inserts Sydney come with a FREE locking bracket.

What is the Patio Link locking bracket? Simply put, it enables you to lock your glass sliding doors even when one of our pet door inserts is installed. This is an incredible innovation! It means that you are able to provide your fur babies with complete freedom of movement between indoors and the outdoors, and you can do so without compromising the safety and security of your home. All you need for this type of pet door installation is a hand drill and a screw driver. Your sliding doors aren’t damaged, and the pet door insert is securely fitted so that it can’t be pushed out the frame.

An adaptor means that you can have a pet door insert and lock both your security fly screen and glass sliding doors.

Purchasing an inexpensive adaptor provides you with further options. The installation requires a hand drill, screwdriver, hacksaw, and pliers. The advantage of the adaptor is that you are able to lock both your security fly screen and glass sliding doors, without compromising the pet door insert. You can either lock your glass sliding doors or, when it’s hot, lock your fly screen door so that you can enjoy the flow of fresh air into your home without worrying about your safety. And whether you are home or not, your pets can move freely between indoors and the outdoors.

Would you prefer to take advantage of our Australia-wide installation service?

For those who would prefer to not embark on a DIY project, Patio Link will supply and install pet door inserts. We have established an extensive network of reputable handymen and built a partnership with Hire a Hubby Australia wide. All you need to do is click here to find a list of contact details for our installation experts.

Browse the full range of Patio Link pet doors and inserts Sydney. We deliver throughout Australia. You can either install the products yourself or, depending on your location, ask the Patio Link team or one of our partners to take care of the installation for you.

Call today for a FREE quote or to arrange a FREE home demo and quote!

pet doors and inserts Sydney

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Simply email few photos of your sliding doors including both locks and one of your bottom track of your glass sliding door and our customer service will check and confirm if your sliding doors are ok and compatible for installation and locking: Email:

Our pet door inserts are DIY Installation, however if you need help with installation we do have handyman contact.

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