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Are you living in Brisbane with your cat or dog? Wondering what your options are for installing a pet door? Whether you rent or own, permanent dog door installation can cause some issues. There may be restrictions on the changes you can make to your home, or you may not wish to alter the look or value of your property by cutting into your doors.

But with all the benefits of a pet door, is there another way to install them? This was the question that inspired Brisbane’s leading manufacturers of high quality pet door inserts. With our removeable pet doors, you get full security, zero permanent modification, and can take them with you wherever you move!


Convenient, customisable, & secure

Fully lockable convenience

If you’re out for long hours, you don’t want to come home to messes on the carpets. Likewise, it can be a real pain to get up and down at all hours for a beloved dog or an indecisive cat. But dog and cat flaps aren’t just convenient for us. They’re also great for our pets, giving them the independence and mental stimulation they need.

Patio Link pet door inserts provide all of this without any costly renovations or landlord conflicts. And just because they’re removable doesn’t mean they pose any security risks. This range of pet doors is fully lockable, ensuring maximum safety. Each comes with a FREE locking bracket that’s fully compatible with your security screen.

Quick & easy installation

Easy installation in minutes

Installing cat or dog doors with Patio Link is simple, requires minimal tools, and can be done in minutes. These inserts can be placed on either side of your sliding doors, with the option of wheels to allow them to slide alongside the glass doors as well. They come in both standard and custom sizes, and for cats, pet doors window options are available too.

And Patio Link are here to help you every step of the way, with friendly customer support and plenty of video tutorials. For anyone who is unable to DIY, we are happy to provide the contact details for handymen all over the country. This installation service guarantees perfect function and security.

If you need extra help with any installation pet doors require, you can always send pictures of your doors to the team at for guidance! We supply and install all over Australia.


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