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For pet owners on the Gold Coast, there’s no doubt about it – pet doors make our lives easier. And not only are they convenient for us, they’re also great for giving our dogs and cats some extra freedom and stimulation. However, for many of us who rent or don’t want to compromise our security doors, pet door installation is a no go.

Or so we thought! With Patio Link’s pet door inserts, you can install a doggy door without cutting through any doors or upsetting any landlords. With simple installation that leaves no damages to your home, these inserts are fully lockable and can be taken with you wherever you move. 


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Convenient, customisable, and secure

Patio Link are the leading suppliers of high quality pet door inserts that fit easily into the frame of your sliding glass doors. No matter what size your sliding doors, we can manufacture custom inserts up to 3m. You can even get cat doors with special cat flaps that fit beside your glass window.

To enjoy the convenience of these pet door inserts, you won’t need to sacrifice your home’s security. Each purchase from Patio Link comes with a FREE locking bracket which is fully compatible with screen doors and security screens.

Easy installation in minutes

Quick, simple and easy installation

The team at Patio Link is happy to help with every step of your dog door installation. We provide sizing guidance, as well as instructions and video tutorials for simple DIY installation. In just minutes, with no permanent changes to your home, you can have a fully functional pet door.

If you’re unable to DIY, we highly recommend affordable, experienced handymen to get pet doors installed in your area. No matter where you are on the Gold Coast, Patio Link have been supplying and installing custom doggy doors all over Australia for over 20 years. We know you’ll get the most out of our products, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

For any enquiries, please supply your details on the contact form, or get in touch with us on 1300 489 424.


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