PLATE to connect pet door to frame OR Angle Bracket

Plate to connect pet door insert to your sliding door frame, or to make an angle bracket


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PLATE to connect pet door to frame – Optional

Flat powdercoated aluminium plate which you can use to connect pet door insert to your sliding door frame without any damage or new holes into your sliding door.  All you will need to do is put one screw through the plate into exisiting hole inside track where your female latch used to sit in your glass sliding door, and bend the plate and bring it forward to the front frame / extrusion of the pet door insert and put 2nd screw through the plate. So this plate will be connecting pet door insert to your sliding door frame and no one will be able to push the pet door insert out. IMPORTANT: Never drill too close to the glass on the pet door insert. Stay away 15mm away from glass.

USING PLATE FOR AN ANGLE BRACKET in wider tracks 33-41mm wide:  If you have a wider channel, you might like to install 1 angle bracket at the bottom corner of the pet door insert. This will support the pet door insert in a wider channel.  All you need to do is put 1 screw through the plate into the bottom outside of the pet door insert, bend the plate using a pair of pliers an extend the leg of the bracket to the end of the channel. (Dont drill into a sliding door). See photo below:

1Angle Bracket



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
Select Colour

Black, Light Grey, Primrose, White

Note to Courier

When we dispatch your order, we will make a standard note to courier “Ok to leave item near main door if no one at home”

If you wish us to leave a different message, please advise at checkout.

Please note we do not deliver to PO BOX.

Thank you – Patiolink

Locking & Security

FREE Locking bracket with Patio link pet door insert to lock glass sliding door only.

NOTE: If you like to purchase an ADAPTOR, you will need to ADD Adaptor to cart as adaptor is optional $

Locking bracket: Relocate your female latch to a locking bracket and lock your glass sliding door with your existing handle.

If your female latch is sitting internal inside the side channel or you have a fly screen door, you may like to add an ADAPTOR panel to your order. This is excellent feature as it allows you to lock both fly screen and glass sliding doors.

Patio link brand pet door is our top of the range pet door insert and it comes with 10 year warranty.


If you would like us to check your locks are compatible for our locking options, please email us couple of photos of your sliding doors including a close up of both locks and we can check everything is ok and compatible. Our Email is:


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Our pet door inserts are DIY Installation, however if you need help with installation we do have handyman contact.

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