Pet Door Insert Sizes

Sizes Flap Width Rise Flap Height
Small 16cm 5cm 29cm
Medium 21cm 5cm 38cm
Large 26cm 5cm 50cm
XL 31cm 5cm 65cm
St Bernard 31cm 5cm 75cm
Whippet 21cm 5cm 55cm
Greyhound 26cm 5cm 75cm
Great Dane 36cm 5cm 80cm
Mastiff 41cm 5cm 80cm
Adaptor Standard 2.10m, 2.5m, 3m
Custom Flap Sizes Available – ENQUIRE TODAY
Patiolink pet door insert for sliding doors SIZES

NOTE: Total width of the frame is 10cm (5cm at each end), so if medium flap width is 21cm, the total width you will lose from your opening is 31cm.

Not sure what flap size is best for your doggie?

DIY TEST at home to check what size pet door insert is best for your furry friend:

You can do a test at home to get a visual on how big the opening is and to see how comfortable this flap opening is for your doggie,  where you open your sliding door to the width of the flap  (eg. Medium 21cm flap width) and then measure Flap Height opening by placing a measuring tape inside bottom of the track, and measure up 38cm (Medium Flap Height 38cm includes 5cm rise at the bottom) and at flap height 38cm please place or sticky tape a piece of cardboard across and let your doggie go through the opening.

Make sure your doggie’s back is going through nice and straight without having to bend down.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Email us or call 1300 489 424

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Standard 4 Colours

Pet door insers come in 4 standard colours:
BLACK, WHITE, PRIMROSE and SILVER/GREY at no additional charge.

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 2.38.13 pm

Custom Colours

Patio Link Pet Doors are the only company in Australia who offer Custom Colour Pet door inserts. If you are interested to get a pet door insert in custom colour, please find out the name of the colour bond and email us, just remember it has to be in a powder coating colour range.

Custom Colour Feature does cost extra, eg. standard height pet door $200, Adaptor $50.

If you are still not sure what is the colour of your sliding doors, you can contact Dulux and request for a swatch to be mailed to you. Deluxe website:

Custom colour chart displayed on this page is a representation only. Actual Colour may vary and never colour match your colour using your phone or tablet/laptop.

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