What Size Pet Door Insert To Choose?

This is a really easy test to do at home as it gives you a good visual on how big the flap opening is:

Small size pet door inserts,  best for cats and small dogs up to 5kgs.

You can do a test at home to get a visual on how big the opening is and to see how comfortable this flap opening of the pet door is for your pet. First, open your sliding door to the width of the flap  (Small 16cm flap width) and then measure Flap Height opening by placing a measuring tape inside bottom of the track, measure up 29cm (Small Flap Height 29cm includes 5cm rise at the bottom) and at flap height 29cm place or sticky tape a piece of cardboard across and let your doggie/ cat  go through the opening.

Make sure your dog’s back is going through nice and straight without having to bend down.

The general rule of thumb for dog doors is to buy 5 cm wider and higher than the measurements. You can neglect this rule for Cat doors.

For more information on available pet door sizes.

Important Things To Check Before Your Purchase  (150 – 200)

Measuring Your Sliding Door Height:

Measure your sliding glass door height by putting a measuring tape at the very top inside channel and go all the way to the very bottom inside channel. (Don’t worry about the middle rail at the bottom, you just place a measuring tape to the very bottom inside channel)

Measurements don’t need to be exact, however, you want them to be as close as possible. We also suggest a pet door insert that is adjustable, Patio Link pet doors have an adjustable panel at the top that goes up and down by 10cm, it also fits standard height pet door inserts between 2.0-2.10m tall. 

VIDEO: Here is a video to show you how to measure your height:

How To Guide 


VIDEO – custom height options 

If your sliding door is over 2.1m, you will need a custom pet door insert

You can choose one of the 2 options available for custom height pet door inserts. 

They both cost the same price and they are:

OPTION 1) Taller frame and glass pet door insert so it’s all in one piece nice and tall.

(Keep in mind, if you move house with this option, you will be stuck with a very tall doggie door which you will most likely need to leave with the house. But If you’re planning to stay where you are for some time, then this option is for you.)


OPTION 2) Standard pet door insert with window extension on top – this option is ideal for people who are renting or thinking about moving house in near future as you can take out window extension and still use standard height pet door insert.

Both options cost the same price, plus Patio link Pet doors have a custom pet door range available. 

Pet Door Locks & Security 

Patiolink pet doors are fully lockable and secure without any damage to  your doors.

Locking Options:   

  1. Locking Bracket: Comes free with pet door insert and provides the ability to lock glass sliding doors

How The Locking Bracket Works 


  1. Adapter – Close and lock both glass and fly screen door

An advantage of having an adapter in place is that you can close your fly screen door to the adapter,  enjoy a nice breeze coming inside and keep the unwanted flies and bugs outside.

How the adaptor works.  

Adaptor Installation   

L Profile adaptor extender

Why Choose Patio Link Pet Doors  (150 – 200)

Patio Link pet doors is an Australian Family Owned business operating over 23 years. We are the original pet door insert company specialising with high quality pet doors. We are proud of our top quality finish.  Our factory is located in Gold Coast and we deliver Australia wide & worldwide. 

We are the only company offering a huge range of pet door insert sizes from small to a mastiff size, custom height options up to 3m tall & custom colour pet doors.

Our pet door inserts are fully lockable and secure without any damage to your sliding doors and are perfect for people who are renting. When you move, take it with you!

PatioLink pet doors have been trusted by Australians for over 20 years, our top quality pet doors also come with a 10 year warranty.

We care about our customers and always make sure we are here to help.

If you are not sure if your doors are suitable, we will help & check your doors and locks and let you know exactly what you need for installation.

Installation is DIY however if you do need help with installation, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist 

Each product offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you want to use it first and pay later, AfterPay facilities are also available. These qualities make Patio Link one of the top-tier choices.

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Want us to check if your sliding doors & locks are compatible for installation?

Simply email few photos of your sliding doors including both locks and one of your bottom track of your glass sliding door and our customer service will check and confirm if your sliding doors are ok and compatible for installation and locking: Email:

Our pet door inserts are DIY Installation, however if you need help with installation we do have handyman contact.

Speak to one of our friendly staff today!

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