Are your sliding doors taller than 2.10m?

Patio Link Pet Doors specialise with custom height and colour pet door inserts up to 3 metres tall. All our custom orders are made per order and we do not carry custom height pet doors in stock to purchase on a same day.

Please allow approximately 5-6 weeks for your custom order to be completed.

STEP 1 – How To Measure Your Sliding Door Height?

Please measure the height of your glass sliding door by measuring from inside bottom channel/track, all the way to the top inside channel.

Please try and get as close as possible measurements, dont worry about being exact to the mm on your measurement, because our pet door inserts have a top adjustable panel that goes up and down by 10cm.

So, if your height is for example:  2.40m tall, we will make your pet door insert to fit height range between 2.35 – 2.45m tall, making your height 2.40m in the middle, so if you are 1-2 cm off in your original measurement – it will still fit nicely.

Custom height prices vary depending on how tall your doors are. They start from $188 up.

STEP 2 – Choose What Custom Height Option You Would Like:

Taller Frame and Glass OR Window Extension

Taller frame and glass pet door insert is a pet door that is taller frame and glass, all in one piece. This option is ideal for people who own their home and are not thinking about moving home in a near future.

Window Extension is ideal for people who are renting or thinking about moving house in a near future. When you move, take window extension out and always use a standard height pet door insert anywhere you go.

Production time: Around 5-6 weeks

Custom Height Pet Door Inserts

How much do Custom Height Pet Doors cost?

Wether you choose a custom height pet door insert in a taller frame and glass or a window extension option, they both cost the same price. Choose the one that is the most convenient for you.


Height Up to 2.3m $188 + Patiolink pet door insert
Height Up to 2.5m $215 + Patiolink pet door insert
Height Up to 2.75m $268 + Patiolink pet door insert
Height Up to 3m $322  + Patiolink pet door insert

LOCKING BRACKET is FREE with every Patio Link Pet Door Insert. (Lock your Glass Sliding Door Only).

ADAPTOR in custom height is available. Price for adaptor up to 2.5m $129 and adaptor up to 3m $150.

Custom Colour Pet Door:

Patio Link Pet door inserts come in these standard colours: BLACK, WHITE, PRIMROSE and LIGHT GREY at no additional cost.

However if you wish to have a CUSTOM COLOUR pet door insert exact the same colour as your sliding door, we can colour match it! This service does cost extra, prices start from $200* as all our pet door inserts are Powdercoated.

All you need to do is provide us with a name colour bond of your sliding door colour and provide it to us! They look fantastic!

If you dont know what your colour bond is, you can contact Dulux and request a powdercoat colour bond swatch thats close to your colour. Look up Dulux Powdercoating colour chart: Click Here

Prices for custom colour pet door inserts:

Up to 2.1m $200 pet door, $50 adaptor + Patiolink pet door insert
Up to 2.5m $225 pet door, $50 adaptor + Patiolink pet door insert
Up to 3m $250 pet door, $50 adaptor + Patiolink pet door insert

Would You Like A Quote?

Email or call us 1300 489 424 to speak to one of our friendly staff today!

NOTE: Please choose carefully as we do not return/refund custom pet door inserts.

Our Pet Door Inserts are DIY Installation however If you need help with Installation, please Click here:
INSTALLATION HANDYMAN Contact Details Australia Wide.

Here are some photos of custom made pet door inserts:

Photos of TALLER FRAME AND GLASS pet door inserts:
Photos of standard height 2.1m pet door inserts with WINDOW EXTENSIONS on top:
Photos of CUSTOM COLOUR pet door inserts:
Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 1.23.10 pm
Photos of MICRO CHIP pet door inserts, Sure Flap and PetSafe Passport:
Custom Made – Special Order Requests