Patio Link Pet doors can be installed in most Australian sliding doors fully lockable and secure without any damage to your doors. This makes our pet doors the best on the market and ideal for renters. When you move – take it with you.

Please see below examples how you can install a pet door insert into your sliding door.

Would you like us to check if your doors are ok and compatible for installation and locking?

Please email us and include a photo of both locks and a photo of your bottom track and we will check and confirm all is ok and compatible. Our email is

Our Pet Door Inserts are DIY Installation however If you need help with Installation, we do have handyman contacts Australia wide who can help you.


Standard Installation

Install the Pet Door Insert in seconds!

Step 1. Simply open your Sliding Door and Insert the Pet Door Insert into the bottom channel of your glass sliding Door. Lean it against wall or sliding door frame.

Step 2. Unscrew the two black turn knobs anticlockwise (maximum 2-3 small turns) – this will allow you to extend the adjustable panel into the top channel of your sliding door. Screw the two turn knobs clockwise to lock the extendable panel in position.

Step 3. Included in your delivery package is a weather strip (mohair strip). Insert this into the side channel of your Pet Door Insert that will be in contact with your glass sliding door to prevent any draft. Tip: Insert mohair from top of pet door insert downwards.


To make your pet door insert fully lockable and secure, your next step is to install either a LOCKING BRACKET or ADAPTOR panel.

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Locking Options


Locking Bracket comes FREE with Patio Link pet door insert. Simply install a locking bracket on your pet door insert vertical frame, in aligment to the handle lock, relocate your current female latch onto the locking bracket and securely lock your glass sliding door.

Then secure the pet door insert to your sliding door frame by putting one or two screws through the existing hole/s where the female latch used to sit, to catch the pet door insert though the frame, that way if anyone tries to push the pet door insert out – they can not. Very easy to install – no damage to your sliding doors.

Tools required: Hand drill and screw driver


An adaptor is a great feature to have, securely lock both fly screen/security and glass sliding doors. An adaptor is a long skinny panel that gets installed next to pet door insert. It comes little longer so it needs to be cut and fitted so it sits nice and snug into your track at the top and bottom.

All female latches need to be relocated to adaptor panel. Let breeze come inside your home and you will keep unwanted bugs out!

Tools required: Hacksaw, Hand Drill, Screw driver, Pliers

Adaptor close up and how it works:

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 7.35.48 pm

Our adaptor is 10cm wide. If your track at the bottom is wider up to 18cm, you will need our Adaptor Panel PLUS L-Profile, which is an adaptor extender, so it can reach fly screen door:

ADAPTOR Installation Video:

Have a look what is involved in an adaptor installation and what tools are used:

U CHANNEL Adaptor:

Some Sliding doors dont have a fly screen door but U Channel adaptor is required to create a better seal from top to bottom, or sometimes if female latch is located inside channel, you will need this panel so you can relocate female latch to U Channel adaptor:

Adaptor U Channel Installation:

corner installation Pet door insert for sliding door
Pet door insert for sliding door

Corner Installation

Install Pet Door Insert in the corner where your fixed glass panel is and leave your sliding opening & locks untouched in original position.

Simply unscrew the fixed glass panel, carefully move it accross so you can fit pet door insert in the corner and screw/fix in a glass panel into its new fixed position.

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Double Sliding Doors pet door insert sliding doors

Wheels Explained and Middle Installation

Double Sliding Doors – Middle Opening


You can get wheels $40 to install at the bottom inside of our pet door insert and wheels will make the pet door insert slide with your sliding doors.

You place the pet door insert in your glass sliding door channel and relocate your existing female latch to either a locking bracket or adaptor.

And then you need to connect pet door insert to the sliding door frame with one screw, we will send you a little plate to connect the two together – one screw into the plate into an existing hole where female latch used to be and one screw through the plate on vertical extrusion of the pet door insert.


Please measure:

– How wide is your bottom track of your glass sliding door?

In order for wheels to work, your bottom track needs to be 2.8cm or more. If your bottom track is less than 2.8cm wide, wheels will not work and you will need to purchase 2 little legs to go at the bottom inside of the pet door insert. These two legs will allow pet door insert to slot into your bottom track. (legs will only accomodate bottom tracks between 23-27mm wide)

– How wide are your both vertical side channels? Your side vertical channel where female latch is located must be 2cm or more, in order for a pet door insert to slot into side channel.

If you are not sure if your doors are ok and compatible for installation and locking, please send us some photos of your doors including a photo of both locks and a photo of your bottom track too.

Please hold a measuring tape inside bottom channel and both side vertical channels and take a photo and email us so we can check and confirm all will be ok and compatible for installation and locking to your door.


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Rubber Weather Strip – Where it goes, explained

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Every Patio Link Pet door insert comes with a free rubber weather seal to protect your home from draft coming inside

female latch

If your female latch looks like this photo – on left (Hole in a wall latch) Then unfortunately this is the only latch that is not compatible with our locking options: adaptor and locking bracket.

The best way to install pet door insert in these situations is to do installation called: “Corner Installation” or install pet door as a standard installation technique but install couple of Patio Bolts (one at top and bottom) to your sliding door so you can lock.

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