Pet Doors Guide 2022

Whether you have a busy year coming up, or just want to make more time for relaxation, we could all do with a little help to make our daily lives easier. For those of us with furry family members, this could come in the form of a pet door.

If you’d like to invest in one, you may be weighing up the pros and cons. But with the right products, you can have all the convenience of a pet door with no drawbacks, allowing you to focus on your goals this year with one less thing on your mind!

What are the benefits of a pet door?

  • Less worrying. No matter how much we love our pets, we can’t always be home with them 24/7. When work or other commitments keep us out of the house for long hours, it’s only natural to worry about our pets. If they’re outside animals, we may worry they have nowhere safe to escape to, and for inside pets, it’s upsetting to think about them busting to do their business!
  • Less hassle. When we do have to leave our pets inside all day, it’s no surprise when they leave a mess on the floors. Although it’s not their fault, it can definitely be a hassle to clean up, which is a real concern when we’re renting. But even if we’re home all day, having to get up and down at all hours can be pretty tiring (especially if we have mobility issues, or a very indecisive cat!)
  • Happier, healthier pets. Lastly, one of the major benefits of investing in a pet door is the wellbeing of your pet. Giving your dog or cat the freedom to come and go from the home as they please is more beneficial for their health than many of us realise. Easing anxiety, providing mental stimulation, and making sure they don’t ‘hold on’ for too long, are just some of the ways in which having their own dog doors can help improve your pet’s life.

What if I’m renting or can’t modify my doors?

One of the reasons many renters put up with a lack of pet doors is due to restrictions on how much they can modify their homes. This goes for home owners as well, who may not wish to devalue their house by cutting or replacing the doors.

However, thanks to modern innovations, this is no longer a problem!

The pet door insert, created by Patio Link, offers a damage-free solution that’s fully lockable, simple to install, and easily removable. A pet door for sliding doors, it can be placed into the corner of door frames, with an adjustable panel to ensure the perfect fit. If you need to move homes, you can simply remove it and take it with you!

As the original and leading manufacturer of custom pet door inserts, Patio Link are Australia’s first port of call if you want a genuine, quality product. Made from durable aluminium with powder coated frame and 5mm tempered glass, their inserts are the most secure and stylish on the market. They can be completely locked, right down to the doggie flap itself!

Black white primrose or grey are the standard colours, but Patio Link do custom colours and heights as well.

Who are Patio Link?

Patio Link is the only company in Australia who specialise in engineering custom pet door inserts. As a family owned business, they had their humble beginnings back in 2000, when they needed a solution for their family dog, Billie. After discovering that there were no options available for renters, father Ivan was inspired to create Patio Link – a removable patio pet door that requires no modification!

Since then, Patio Link has been the country’s number 1 manufacturer of pet door inserts for over 20 years! It is now run by Ivan’s daughter, Ivana, and continues to focus on providing simple solutions for modern pet owners, Australia-wide.

With comprehensive customer service that helps you every step of the way, buying and installing a pet door insert has never been easier. Even if you have non-standard sliding doors, or wish to colour match your doggie door with your home, Patio Link can customise like no other company. You won’t find higher quality materials or better crafted pet door inserts anywhere else.

How do I make sure I get the right size pet door insert?

Every pet door insert from Patio Link comes with a 10 year warranty, and is carefully designed to last even longer. So, as an investment that will get plenty of use over the years, it’s important to make sure you buy the right size. This will ensure your glass sliding door functions optimally, the seal is weatherproof, and everything locks securely.

To measure your door, all you need to do is use measuring tape along the inside channel, down to the door track at the bottom. There’s a little wiggle room, as the adjustable panels on Patio Link inserts go up and down by 10cm, but the closer you are, the better. If your door is taller than 2.10m, you will need a customised height, which the team will be happy to arrange for you.

And if you’re still uncertain about sizing, don’t worry! You can always email photos (including both existing locks and the bottom track that your door slides on) to The experts at Patio Link will be able to tell you exactly what you need!

This advice goes for cat door inserts as well, which Patio Link manufactures for windows so that your feline friend can have their very own access point as well.

How do I install a pet door insert?

Because Patio Link’s pet door inserts are so easy to install, pet owners can DIY the installation in minutes! To aid with this, there are plenty of simple, clear instructions and video tutorials available at

With minimal tools, you can install a pet door insert in just 3 easy steps, setting yourself up for years of daily use!

However, not everyone has enough time or mobility to do the job themselves. This is why Patio Link provides the contact details for handymen all across Australia who can install your pet door for you. They will make sure your door opens normally, the lock mechanisms are secure, and your screen door locks properly as well.

Every insert comes with a FREE locking bracket, and AfterPay is available. There is also a 100% money back guarantee! You can browse for all the FAQs and pricing, or feel free to call the friendly staff on [yews-location-phone-link] with any enquiries.

This year, why not treat yourself and your furry family members to more freedom and convenience with Patio Link!

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